Nike Phantom GX Black

Everything looks good in black and the Phantom series is no different. Nike's Phantom series has two main black options, the Nike Phantom GX Elite DF FG Black Pack and the Nike Phantom GX Elite DF FG Shadow. Both cleats offer the same features other than the different color schemes and some add-ons versions.

Nike Phantom GX Elite DF FG Black Pack and Shadow

The Nike Phantom GX Black options both have striking color schemes. Both showcase a design unique to the Phantom series. For Black Pack, the combination of black and gray Gripknit, complemented by vibrant orange studs, creates a striking and contemporary look. The summit white Nike logo adds the perfect touch of contrast to the front, making it a highly sought-after choice from the series. The Shadow version however features hint on blue and a lighter shade of gray. The studs and base for Shadow are also blue with a Nike Swoosh as a nice touch. This article explains features of both, while referring to them as Nike Phantom Black, since they are identical feature-wise.

Uncompromising Excellence
Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the latest Nike Phantom GX Black boasts advanced technologies and features for unrivaled performance on the field. The revolutionary Nike Gripknit upper, constructed from two woven materials enables optimal ball control in all weather conditions. The Gripknit is known and advertised for making ball-handling easier and deliver extremely precise movements.

Peak Performance in Every Condition
The asymmetrical construction of the collar and heel enhances comfort which is a common complain for many other cleats. Both the cleats have below-the-ankle cuts and do not feature mid-cut or high-cut since many players may find them annoying or impratical. Nike's innovative Tri-star knob system further enhances grip on the surface during rapid accelerations and quick direction changes. This empowers players with the confidence to execute swift maneuvers without concerns of slipping or losing traction. 
Elite, Pro and Academy
The Nike Phantom GX Elite FG Soccer Cleats Black have an option for everyone. Variants of the cleats, especially the Nike Phantom GX Elite DF FG Shadow are readily available for all budget. The only majore differences between them is the design of the studs or the complete base. The fitting and style features all remain the same, making this a choice for everyone.

The SG-PRO Anti Clog 
For players not concerned with the budget, an additional and valuable upgrade is the SG-PRO anti clog variants of both the Phantom GX Elite DF FG Black Pack and FG Shadow. This technology allows a clean base which prevents grass and mud from getting stuck. While the tri-star knob system is just fine on its own, the anti-clog is the option for intense and important matches with difficult surfaces to play on. 
Weight and Field Compatibility
Designed for use on natural grass pitches, New Nike Phantom GX Black is equipped with FG studs. Weighing a mere 200 grams, these lightweight cleats enable swift and effortless movement on the field, enhancing agility and speed. Nike advises that the color of the outsole may fade with use, but this minor concern does not detract from the overall quality and performance of the Phantom GX Elite DF FG Black Pack and FG Shadow.
In summary, the Nike Phantom GX Black combines style and performance seamlessly. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technologies, and emphasis on comfort and support, these cleats are a game-changer for soccer players. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, the Phantom GX Elite DF FG Black Pack is guaranteed to elevate your game to new heights.
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